Shawnee Bible Church is an independent Bible church in Kansas City. Several important facts are evident in our name. We are located in Shawnee, Kansas; and our emphasis is on Bible teaching. We believe the Bible to be the Word of God and that God has communicated His perfect will to man through the Bible. We are a local church. We believe God has called the local church to equip Christians so they can grow spiritually and share their faith in Jesus Christ.

What is not evident in our name is what a caring, loving family you will find at Shawnee Bible Church. We encourage and counsel one another, pray for one another, and serve one another. As God gives us opportunity we reach beyond the four walls of the building where we meet to express the same love and concern for those who are not involved with our church. If you are looking for a loving church that is strong in Bible teaching, come visit us in person. We’d love to meet you!

- Pastor Darrell Godfrey -